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For Employers...

Pi Financial Solutions assists businesses with providing the best financial guidance and counsel for their employees.

For Employees...

Pi Financial Solutions provides client-centered financial coaching focused on empowering people to take charge of their financial lives.

For Organizations...

Pi Financial Solutions provides on-site, in person workshops, seminars and financial coaching.

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Pi Financial’s workshops offer an educational approach designed to empower people to take charge of their financial lives. Our approach combines the skills and experience of financial counseling, the extensive knowledge of financial planning with the client centered framework of financial coaching. Our clients are the soul and center of all we do and we keep their best interests at heart.

Featured Financial Workshop


This workshop is all about creating a spending plan that helps you achieve your dreams! If financial success was only about budgeting, we’d all be successful! To be successful, one must combine short term planning with long term analysis and strategy.

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What our clients say...

The best part, to me, about working with a financial coach (Adrienne) was the nonjudgmental approach she took to what for me was a very stressful issue. Having recently divorced, I had a lot of questions about how to get my ducks in a row and was feeling overwhelmed–she helped me prioritize and problem solve, and determine the right path for me, personally, to make my goals.

Mandy Turner

I have struggled with budgets, taxes and financial decisions my entire life. My lack of financial knowledge left me in a financial pickle. Because of Adrienne’s expert tutelage, I am now able to understand things like credit reports and taxes and properly budget my income against my expenses so I can live a life that is virtually free of financial worries.

Mary McFarland

Adrienne Ross provides clear guidance for both near-term financial goals and long-term retirement strategies. Her personal attention assures the development of achievable ends, without imposing worrisome austerity measures. She skillfully communicates complex concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand and apply.

Joe and Lauren Mackenzie

My wife and I sought out Adrienne to help us build a budget and better manage our high credit debts. In just a few meetings, we have developed a great budget, a plan to pay future expenses and a system to track our spending. We’ve gone from losing sleep over money issues to feeling confident in our way forward. Adrienne has been great to work with and has provided us the knowledge we needed to get back on track financially!

"Happy In Fredericksburg"

I think one of our favorite things is your very practical approach. My example of not liking to save receipts, followed by your question of “well, Amy, what do you like to do?,” was a clarifying moment for me!


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